Recent Videos

Sarah and Jason

Ballarat turned on the perfect weather for

Sarah and Jason’s extraordinary fun-filled wedding!


Natalie and Luke

Natalie and Luke celebrated their perfect Autumn

Wedding on 5th March 2016 at Pitruzzello Estate, Sunbury

St Patrick’s Day!

Enjoy the festivities of St Patty’s Day

at P.J. O’Brien’s. Shot for Melbourne Airport

George & Pamela

I had the pleasure of shooting George & Pamela’s beautiful, 

intimate wedding celebration at Eureka 89. 

James McMurtrie – Glass Artist

We follow the life cycle of one of James McMurtrie’s pieces

from a red hot bead of molten glass to a beautiful glass bowl.

Brad’s 30th

Enjoy the antics of Brad’s 

“Cheezy” 30th Birthday!

Slowmojo Wedding!

We rounded up a bunch of friends to shoot a wedding

booth demo in super slow motion!