About Me

Hi, my name is Dave! I’m a film-maker and editor based in Melbourne, Australia. I have a thirst for knowledge and adventure, I love learning new things, living fully, and taking on new challenges each day.

I always strive to better myself as a film-maker, I have a degree in Film and Television from Swinburne University. I am continually learning and updating my knowledge as the industry grows and advances to improve my skillset and the quality of my work.

Having previously worked for years in a corporate environment, I have learnt the professionalism and communication skills required to build and maintain positive relationships, that have been integral to the success of my videography business. I have been able to maintain consistent flow of work over the past few years solely through positive referrals from previous clients. This demonstrates, not only the high professional quality of my work, but also the effective relationships that I’ve been able to foster with clients.

I have worked on a wide array of projects of all sizes. Most recently, I have been managing a large video project shooting at 20 schools around Victoria who all received a Performance and Development grant from Catholic Education Melbourne. I have independently managed all aspects of the film-making process; initial meetings with each principal to determine their story, shooting and directing speakers at each school using multiple cameras, editing, colour grading and sound designing before delivering the final video to each school in a timely manner.

Part of the challenge of these videos was to capture and explore each school’s unique story whilst maintaining continuity and an overarching theme throughout the videos. Developing the ability to be able to identify important information in the moment while shooting was crucial as each edit consisted of 5-6 hours raw footage which had to be cut down to 5 minutes.

The rest of my life…

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to marry my high-school sweet heart and the love of my life.

I play Australian Rules football for Bungaree, a small town up near Ballarat.

I travel whenever I possibly can

… and ride motorbikes

I seek adventure, always.

I like to jump

… and flip.

… and that’s about it!